Award winning Street Painter Melanie Stimmell invites you to take advantage of her Street Painting Academy. Her contributions to national charities and southern California elementary schools have brought hope and inspiration to young children. She has been sharing her passion for street painting with elementary students through the Los Angeles Music Center and the Orange County Performing Arts Center. The artist's workshops are in high demand across Southern California to inspire children to express their creative sides on the asphalt by learning this Italian tradition. Melanie guides students through their own visual performance to create a large scale mural on their school campus. The school is left with a mosaic of vibrant color and imagery sprung from young imaginations working together.


After earning great respect both nationally and internationally for her beautiful street paintings, Melanie was invited to share her street painting workshops with other artists as well. For the past 11 years Melanie has been creating asphalt masterpieces and leading workshops for street painting festivals, cultural and children's charity events around the world including Youth in Arts, Children's Creative Project, Bakersfield Museum of Art Educational Programs, New Technology High School, Kayoo, Imadon Group, Craies d'Azur, Visual Arts Scholastic Event, and The Center for Hearing and Speech.


The Academy offers several programs designed for students of all ages. Whether it is a workshop for grade school children or your corporate team, our Academy will bring you hours of challenging fun that will be remembered by your group for years to come.


Please go to The Street Painting Academy for a full list of Street Painting Workshops.